Top-rated olive oil



The rewarding experience of taste

Salvation Olive Oil tasting

All our endeavours to meticulously cultivate the olive trees and produce top-rated olive oil, generation after generation, have been rewarded by the exceptional taste of our oil.

In the absolutely clean and especially fruity taste of Salvation olive oil, there is a balanced predominance of fresh, rather than mature, notes, complemented by the aromas of freshly-cut grass, tree leaves, fresh herbs, artichokes, and spices. When savoured, provocatively spicy notes balance with a refreshingly bitter taste followed by a long aftertaste – a truly delightful experience for the taste buds.

Awarded gourmet olive oil of low acidity

It is this same taste that brought a further reward: official recognition at the 4th Athena International Olive Oil Competition, ATHIOOC 2019, where Salvation Olive Oil won its first silver medal on its first public appearance.

The particularly low acidity of our gourmet olive oil reflects its high quality and makes it one of the best tasting olive oil brands in the Greek market.


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Laconia (Lakonia), 230 52, Greece

Emmanouil Benaki 138, 114 73
T. +30 211 403 6017

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